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img_4100 * The top of the box, showing the as of yet intact sealing tape. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.05MB)
img_4096 * The box, as yet unopened, showing the label which details the 'software configuration' as separate from the hardware configuration. That is a good thing, as the hardware is what I want while the software does not fit my needs. * 2592 x 1944 * (1.97MB)
img_4097 * The box, showing the serial number plus a host of other, less interesting numbers. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.04MB)
img_4099 * Yet another sticker with a number on it, possibly interesting to Fujitsu-Siemens in handling the software license refund process. The sticker on the bottom tells me I need to have a computer with Windows XP or Vista to use this product. That is of course untrue, you only need Windows if you run Windows on the server. As I don't have Windows and do not intend to install it I need to run another operating system on this server as well. That is why I removed the pre-installed software from the machine and requested a refund for the license fees. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.01MB)
img_4104 * The back of the server, showing the serial number and a host of other, less interesting numbers. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.09MB)
img_4107 * The Microsoft Windows Home Server Certificate of Authenticity / Proof of License. This is what I need to remove INTACT to get a refund of the Windows license fee. That sticker is made to be unremovable without damaging it... * 2592 x 1944 * (2.03MB)
img_4109 * ...but a few sharp blades will make short work of this so-called tamper-proof label :-) * 2592 x 1944 * (1.85MB)
img_4112 * Start by peeling of the complete side of the sticker containing the magic numbers... * 2592 x 1944 * (1.83MB)
img_4113 * can be seen here... * 2592 x 1944 * (1.75MB)
img_4114 * ...and here... * 2592 x 1944 * (1.84MB)
img_4115 * Now start peeling off the other side with another knife * 2592 x 1944 * (1.59MB)
img_4116 * Take care not to cut the sticker while removing it... * 2592 x 1944 * (1.93MB)
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